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hoa bookkeeping

To learn more about how to request HOA accounting and bookkeeping services, contact us or request a quote today. Let HOA Accounting help you save time and keep your receivables balances low while maintaining civil code compliance for association accounting in your state. You can’t beat the quality of accounting services or the affordable prices offered by Homeowner Association Accounting Services! Please note that we are not a CPA Firm and our bookkeeping services do not require a state license. When an elected community member self prepares financial statements, make sure that there is a backup of all financial records. The Balance Sheet is also where you can find the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable statements.

By outsourcing to an HOA bookkeeping service, the board can focus their time on day-to-day operations and other more important community matters. You’re also able to avoid costly mistakes that will affect your financial health. Financial management allows you to have happy residents and a stable community. However, as many HOAs lack accounting and finance experience, it can be a struggle to deal with bookkeeping tasks and responsibilities.

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An service will regularly monitor your finances, thus reducing or eliminating any financial issues or errors. They will be able to see quickly if there are any discrepancies such as unfamiliar invoices, double charges, or suspicious activity. If these issues are not caught early, they could potentially mess up your finances in the long run. A well-run homeowners association proactively plans and tracks its finances. Without proper systems in place or someone keeping track of records, things can get out of hand quickly, leading to potential nightmare situations and causing distrust among members. Trust can easily be broken between homeowners and the HOA if financial missteps occur.

hoa bookkeeping

What’s more, your website will also boast many additional features, like email newsletters, documents management, community calendars, news articles, and much more. This report is used to “prove” that the cash assets shown on the association’s books and balance sheet agree with what the bank statement shows. It takes into account outstanding checks as well as deposits of cash that have not been processed by the bank. In a self-managed HOA, the board treasurer acts as a bookkeeper and oversees the community’s finances. However, HOA bookkeeping is a very complex and time-consuming process. If that person doesn’t have an in-depth understanding of financial accounting and management, he/she can easily become overwhelmed.

Statements of Income and Expenses

Since the bookkeepers need to make more entries, the cost of maintaining the books increases. Once you decide that you’re ready to use FreshBooks as your accounting software, you can choose from one of our plans that start at just $15 a month. FreshBooks time-tracker can be used in the mobile app and synced with your accounting software. This way, you know exactly how much to pay your hoa bookkeeping handyman and it’s reflected in the books. Doing it well proves an association’s competence and demonstrates its investment in the community to association members. Solid financial management and trustworthiness are some of the most desirable traits for HOA management because of residents’ inherent desire to keep their property values high and their neighborhoods running smoothly.

  • You want professional invoices that clearly express what the resident owes and why.
  • In short, HOAlife automates otherwise overwhelming and cumbersome processes around violations enforcement.
  • For now, let’s discuss the different criteria you should consider when evaluating HOA software.
  • General ledgers can take many forms depending on the accounting software you’re using, but they all have the same basic features.
  • This change is good for both the association and volunteers, but it comes with challenges as well.

It is the combination of the income, expense and financial management related tasks for a community association. Depending on the size of the community they can add up to a large monthly chore. If you are a self-managed community this activity can take up a lot of time.

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