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Rachel and you can Mike’s relationships started out because rugged

Rachel and you can Mike’s relationships started out because rugged

In the season 4, Harvey and you can Mike’s relationships is placed so you’re able to a test once more, when Harvey takes a case against Mike from inside the good takeover race. But shortly after Mike will get discharged and you will discovers you to definitely Rachel kissed Logan, Mike would go to Harvey for let.

Whether or not Harvey and you may Mike’s matchmaking are checked of the barriers, its irresistible teamwork and unspoken bond with each other demonstrates to triumph again and again.

At the end of year 7, Harvey attends Mike’s relationships having Jessica listing you to Harvey 's the just family relations one Mike have. Although Harvey offers to make Mike an elder lover having rescuing the company, Mike refuses while the they are chose to move to Seattle with Rachel to adopt Fortune 500 people.

Inside the season 8, Harvey takes into account contacting Mike to own help into an instance in advance of instead determining a remedy to own himself because of the considering just what Mike would do if he was there.

On collection finale, once Mike and you can Harvey form teams to each other for one history ripoff to store the business, Harvey chooses to proceed to Seattle with Donna so you can work at Mike and you can Rachel, now putting their talents be effective improving the good men. Before you leave, both playfully reenact its very first appointment backwards.

Rachel Zane

Rachel showed disdain to possess Mike if you are a present and you can but in addition for, based on her, trying strike on her behalf. (więcej…)